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Why Offer a Legal Plan?

Why Offer a Legal Plan?
Why Offer a Legal Plan?

Why Offer A Legal Plan To Your Employees?

Group legal plans are one of the fastest growing benefits offered by leading employers. They are an easy, cost effective way to give employees affordable access to quality legal representation - something that over 70% of Americans need on an annual basis.

Legal situations can touch us all. Consider the following:

  • 70% of U.S. households will have a legal need this year where having an attorney would be beneficial.
  • Over 50% of Americans do not have a Will.
  • There are over 20 million divorces in the U.S. annually.

What's the difference between an average company and an "employer of choice"?

Top employers find better ways to keep their workforce productive and focused—ways that effectively balance the needs of employees with the needs of the organization. Legal Resources can help your company realize the gains that come from having a more efficient workforce because your employees can spend more time doing their jobs and less time worrying about their legal issues.

There are three common reasons why Americans don't use attorneys for their legal needs:

  • People don't know an attorney or haven't developed a relationship with a law firm to discuss a personal situation.
  • People don't know what their legal rights and options are.
  • At an average cost of $300-400 per hour, legal representation is too expensive.

Group legal plans exist to reduce these barriers to legal assistance. Simply put, group legal plans take the high costs and uncertainty out of the equation when it comes to legal issues. By offering legal representation through a managed network, legal plans like Legal Resources provide access to top quality attorneys at an affordable, fixed monthly price.