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How To Use The Plan

How To Use The Plan
How To Use The Plan

Using the Legal Resources Plan is easy.

Here's how it works:

  • Enroll in the Legal Resources Plan through your employer during open enrollment. Many employers use our online enrollment option, enroll through their own company "intranets" or use a paper enrollment form we provide to the employer.
  • Prior to your effective date of coverage, you will receive a packet in the mail with your membership card and your plan contract. Your member card will include contact information for your selected law firm.
  • Anytime you need legal services, call your law firm directly to set up an appointment.
  • You can also call our Member Services Department to speak with a certified paralegal to answer a coverage or law firm question.
  • You now have a law firm on "retainer" for all your expected and unexpected legal needs. Call them any time you have a legal need, from a simple legal question or some advice on an issue, all the way to courtroom representation.

If you did not select a law firm during enrollment, which happens occasionally because of the enrollment process for certain groups, a highly rated law firm close to your zip code will be automatically assigned to you by Member Services. In this situation, if you would prefer to select a different Direct Access Network Law Firm, please call our Member Services Department to request the change.