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Identity Protection Plan Details

 Our Identity Protection Plans have four key components


    Identity Protection Plans keep watch on your identity, privacy, and credit by using innovative and proprietary technology that allows us to be proactive in helping you protect your identity. By helping to detect the illegal selling of your personal, financial, and credit information, the plans protect much more than just your credit or bank account information - they provide the kind of full-spectrum monitoring your personal information needs these days.


    An early warning system alerts you with instant notification when your personal information is at risk. Plans feature prompt alerts emailed to your smart phone, tablet, or computer, giving you the power to act before any damage is done.


    Knowledge is power! Take control by understanding your credit score and seeing where or how your information appears online. Protect keystrokes, pin numbers, and credit card information. When you know what’s at risk, you can be sure you have the protection you need.


    Certified Protection Experts offer comprehensive, 24/7 recovery services. These experts can save you literally hundreds of hours by completing all the paperwork, making the calls, and handling every detail to ensure your identity is restored. We’ve got your back, and you’re covered by up to $1 million of identity theft insurance.